How It Works

Step 1 – Ordering

In order to work with one of our writers on your assignment you will need to have all of the information ready and prepared to provide them. This will make filling out the order form on much easier and even save you some time.

The order form that you will complete asks for all of the basic information about the assignment as you would expect but also leaves space for you to add any additional information that you think is important for the writer to know and be able to complete the work well. The more of this detailed information you provide, the more personalized the writing will be. The order form will ask you for information, like:

  • The subject of the work
  • The style of writing needed
  • The writing prompt
  • The length of the work in pages or words
  • The deadline that needs to be met
  • Personal contact information

Once all of this information has been entered into our site, we will use the details to come up with a fair rate as well as pair you with the writer that will best be able to meet the requirements of the subject and is qualified in the area of study. At this stage students will also be asked to pay the fee for the work. This will be the only charge with no surprises later on.

Step 2 – Writing

The actual writing is the next and possibly the most important step in the process. At this stage, students will be able to determine how involved they would like to be in the writing of their paper.

If you are hiring Order-Essay to save on time, then the writer can work using the information in the order that you submitted. If you would like to learn more about the writing process and better be able to address this kind of work on your own in the future, then you can work closely with a writer to ensure all of the nuances of the writing are similar to work you would complete.

Step 3 – Reviewing

When the work has been finished and polished, it will be sent to you for review. You can either ask for free revision work to further enhance the paper, or you can download the final draft and hand it in for the best grade possible.